How to Actively Rest

29 Jun 2020

During my latest meeting with my career coach we started talking about actively and purposely taking some time off. It turns out that I need social activities to be able to disconnect from work, but staying close to my laptop and phone all day (so I can talk to people!) is not exactly helping me relax. Given that it’s not exactly easy to meet my friends for coffee right now, I commited to try some of the other things I used to do to relax and ended up having a lovely weekend. The goal was to actively do something to rest, instead of simply trying to wacth some TV, chatting, and letting time go by. I went running/walking with my daughter, cooked a little (the french toasts were great!), knitted a little, and read a little (finished “The Forking Trolley: An Ethical Journey to The Good Place” by James M. Russell, which I can recomend!, and started “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson, which is quite fun so far).

I’m feeling a lot better this week! I’m full of energy and looking forward to the many interesting things happening at work right now.