Open Interdisciplinary PhD student position in Applied Mathematics: Hybrid-AI Methods for Decision Support in Precision Therapeutics for High-Grade Glioma

19 Feb 2024

You have now the opportunity to apply for a PhD position in applied mathematics with me, Verónica Rendo and Justin Pearson for an interdisciplinary project entitle: “Hybrid-AI methods for decision support in precision therapeutics for high-grade glioma” (Project 3). The successful candidate will also join CIM’s graduate school in interdisciplinary mathematics, including seminars, and workshops. They will be required to take at least 30hp (6 months full time study) PhD courses in mathematics, modelling, statistics, scientific computing, offered by e.g. Department of Mathematics and Department of Information Technology.

For applying to the position, submit a full application through the university system and state that you would like to apply to our project. We do not accept application by email only.

Deadline to apply: March 22nd, 2024

Please contact me if you have any questions about the project.